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July 17, 2010

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So July is coming to an end, and I felt the unexplainable urge to write up a blog. The kick off of July was quite hectic, in my case. Had to get through the last and final tests of my junior year. Needless to say it was quite rough and I didn’t really do all too well. Luckily, a week later I was informed I passed my junior year. So that means I’ll be a senior next year. The Netherlands football team lost the finals of the World Football Championship against Spain, in July. My boyfriend turned 18 on July the 13th (: and next week I’ll be flying high in the sky towards Thailand, my mum’s home country. I’m really excited to get back there. Can’t really say I’m already filled with the summer holiday spirit, but that shall come soon enough I hope. Before we know it, it’ll be over. Anyway, that’s all I really wanted to say for now (:

Yours truthfully,


April 1, 2010

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