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April 29, 2010

Filed under: Daily — Loes @ 9:17 am

I jetted off to one of the most astounding cities of all time last Friday, and what can I say? I’m still a little high on the kick of walking far too many miles, seeking out cute little stores in the mysterious alleys and enjoying the Italian cuisine. Dare I say, those six days might have been a couple of the best I’ll ever have. Our plane was delayed for half an hour, and when we arrived in Rome, we were informed we missed the last bus and had to wait another hour or so for the next. It was 1 AM by now, and we were soaked by dark clouds that obstructed the beautiful starry night sky. So then we finally got on our bus, and were dropped off somewhere near our hostel, and – wait for it: we actually got lost. So we finally reached our hostel by 2.30 AM, completely soaked, zonked and yearning the comfort of our rock solid mattresses.  Perhaps it was the terrible start that made Rome so amazing, because what can I say? After that our expectations weren’t really high at all. I think these past few days I built up enough stamina to last in any marathon because we walked a load of miles around this city. I won’t get into any more details but I just wanted to say: Rome is amazing! Definitely worth all of it.

Yours truthfully,


April 12, 2010

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Looks like the winter finally is fading and spring is breaking through. The temperature’s been above 10 ° Celcius which means we can now gradually say our farewells to the winter coat and hello to short-sleaved tees and rad sneakers. Weather’s always a good subject to kick off a conversation with because everyone always has something to say about it, so I figured it would be A-OK to use the weather to introduce my new blog: “you were write“. The blog will include a variety of topics going from photography and music to good reads, games and whatever else comes to mind. Hope you’re in for the long haul and will stay tuned for new posts in the near future (:

Yours truthfully,



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