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September 15, 2010

Filed under: Movies — Loes @ 6:30 pm

Quite recently I watched the animation movie “Coraline” which is a movie based on the book written by Neil Gaiman. I was so excited when I heard they were making a movie of the book. It was read to me when I was about twelve by my elementary school teacher. I was really curious about how they were going to transform the book into a movie because it had so many aspects to the book it would be hard to cover. But I’m glad to say I was positively surprised! There were a lot of things in the book, which I had visualized in my mind, that looked exactly like I’d pictured in the movie! It is not a movie I would send a kid under the age of twelve too though, because it being an animation movie might give them the wrong idea. It has a lot of psychological aspects and things that would seriously freak a kid out when they’re expecting a fun movie. I however really enjoyed it. The music in the movie was really good! I downloaded the soundtrack and I will put that up in the “Music” section shortly. I have to say though, the best thing about the entire movie was definitely the feeling it gave you. With the music, the effects and the voice actors you really felt like you were there. It had a great atmosphere! I know this movie has been out for ages and I should really be ashamed that I only just got around to seeing it, but if you haven’t you should definitely got rent it! (:

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