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June 3, 2010

Filed under: Music — Loes @ 10:05 pm

This year I attended the popular Dutch music festival: Pinkpop. I was really excited to see musicians like Paolo Nutini, John Mayer, the Prodigy, Biffy Clyro and so on. It was quite wonderful to attend, we planned to say there for the full three days which included camping out close to the festival. That meant the second camping trip I ever attended, which explained my clumsiness when trying to pinch in when my mates were all busy setting up their tents. The trip to Landgraaf, where the whole deal was going down was rather hectic. My mum was the one behind the steering wheel, and she’d pretty much go into hysterics as soon as we made a wrong turn, but eventually we arrived at Camping C, safe and sound. The weather was great, except for Sunday. During Slash’s performance rain started pouring down, and I was lucky enough to be wearing a jacket which wasn’t completely waterproof, so nearing the end of Slash’s show I found myself shivering and cold. Thankfully the sun came out to warm us all up later that day.

Still can’t believe I went into the mosh pit during the Prodigy’s performance. My brain was probably temporarily malfunctioning during those three days, haha. And I saw John fucking Mayer – live. How sick is that?

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