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June 9, 2010

Filed under: Daily, Fashion, Music — Loes @ 7:30 pm

Okay, so maybe the weather in Holland hasn’t really been summery but that’s okay, I never really minded rain as long as I don’t have to bike through it or well basically – be in the rain. Today was a different case however, we were lucky enough to have to play rugby (football for all you Americans) in the pouring rain while the grass was as slippery as ever. Contrary to my prejudices, it was so much fun! Anyway, enough about the weather. I added a new feature on the blog, filed under “Other” and then “Fonts”. Yeah, I’m lame enough to lure you to my site so you can download some snazzy fonts. Go check it out if you’re looking for a snazzy font , no credit required mate (: Ah, I’ve been craving a new pair of sneakers, Vans Off The Wall to be precise. They’re so lovely, I believe they’re going to be as big of a hype as the Converse sneakers were, and still are.

The title of this blog post is a reference to a song by one of my favorite musicians: Vanessa Carlton, Private Radio. You should definitely give it a listen.

Yours truthfully,


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