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April 1, 2010

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Hello there, my name’s Loes, seventeen and a senior in high school; majoring in biology and physics. I’m indecisive, and find a hard time making up my mind. I’m creative and easily inspired. I’m a mellow person, with a permanent smile etched on my face. I’m an atheist, but like to believe that something is ‘up there’. I write lots, never seem to finish anything. I only like to read English books. I can walk around for hours in any bookstore. I’m a tea person, and I dislike alcohol with a passion. I taught myself how to play the guitar. Blowing bubbles makes me giggle. Photography is one of my favorite ways to help my memory. I keep a diary, but rarely update it. I draw and doodle a lot during class. I want to move to Seattle, San Francisco or London when I grow up. I wish I could build a time machine. I collect quotes, not stamps. I think Grey’s Anatomy is made more enjoyable by the fact that Patrick Dempsey plays a major role in it.  I spend way too much money on books. I’ve always wanted a keytar, and I plan to be one of the first civilians to travel into space. You can count on it. I live in Holland. I’m Loes, nice to meet you.


The layout image is a photo I took myself, and yes that is as a matter of fact me in the picture. You can find the original photo @ deviantArt. The filters thrown over it are a nebula and a space shot. Image mapping was used for the links and Photoshop Elements (handicapped version of Adobe Photoshop) for making the banner.

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